Dating Friends

Dating FriendsThere has always been talk about guys and girls being just friends. Can guys and girls be just friends? How do you take the steps to start dating a friend without risking the entire friendship? These are tough questions that have left people more confused than when they started.

When considering dating friends there are many things to consider. First and foremost is if you are willing to sacrifice a good friendship with the possibility of having a more romantic relationship.  This can be a big factor in seeing if the pros outweigh the cons. For some the risks outweigh the reward and they aren’t willing to risk what friendship they do have for more. Many times when friends start dating and then break up, they aren’t able to have the same friendship that they had before.

Other times the risk is worth the reward. Many great relationships have come between two people who started out as friends. With being friends first you get to spend time with that person in a low pressure situation. You get to see their personality and how they act in many different scenarios without having the added pressure of trying to impress the other person. Being friends first also gives you the freedom of dating many different people to see what exactly you are looking for. Of course there comes the time to decide if you want to start having a more romantic relationship with that person but having been friends first you will better know if they are the type of person you are looking for. This can be of great benefit to make sure that you are willing to make that commitment to them in a romantic relationship when dating friends.

There are pros and cons to dating friends. While people go back and forth on whether or not it is worth it, it is ultimately up to you to decide if you are willing to risk a friendship for something more.